Greenspan’s Anguish

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Greenspan’s Anguish: Thoreau as Economic Prophet, and Other Selected Essays

James Eggert

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Greenspan’s Anguish, along with Thoreau’s Prophecy, shows evidence that the environment and economy are at odds. In a series of essays, James Eggert, an ecological economist, seamlessly illustrates how markets negatively impact the earth. Looking at the naturalist, Henry David Thoreau’s, philosophies and the economist Alan Greenspan’s views, Eggert implores us to think about our carbon footprint and be more environmentally responsible. We must grow with nature, not against it. The solution is simplicity, meaning, living like Thoreau.

With incredible insight, Eggert guides us through vast economic perspectives that negatively impact the environment. He introduces us to “Meadowlark Economics,” a view of collective corporate actions that negatively impact nature, or “meadowlarks.”Eggert provides evidence of the decline of natural resources like forests, farms, water, air, and bees. Greenspan’s Anguish Thoreau as Economic Prophet also questions how we determine and measure value in nature.

Eggert focuses on how individuals can counterbalance the planet and be more socially conscious. By using Thoreau as an example, Eggert shows how we can implement minimalism into our lives. If everyone executes simplicity into their daily lifestyles, our anguish and suffering along with Mother Earth’s will subside.

About the Author

James Eggert is a retired emeritus economics professor and writer who taught at the University of Wisconsin-Stout for over 30 years. Eggert’s writing includes books, research papers, and articles for journals, magazines, and newspapers. Eggert has a Bachelor of Economics from Lawrence University and a MA in Economics from Michigan State University. Eggert received a Teacher of the Year Award from the University of Wisconsin-Stout in 1987 and an Outstanding Faculty Award in Ethnic Services in 1984 and 1985. He has also been recognized as Who’s Who in Finance and Business, America, American Education, and the World. Eggert served in the U.S. Peace Corps from 1964-66 and belongs to the Thoreau Society and the Sierra Club. Eggert practices and teaches the Chinese art of tai chi studies field-botany and is an avid amateur astronomer.

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  1. Leclam

    Read and listen to the music of this brief book for inspiration, information, education, and discussion.

  2. JJ Zatrovski

    Economic Prophet Greenspan’s Anguish is a refreshing and light-hearted argument against inhumane means and short-sighted ends.

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