Handbook of Reading Activities

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Handbook of Reading Activities: From Teacher to Parent to Child

Carl F. Brown and Mac Henry Brown

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This handbook, written in 1983, shows a past approach on how to help children develop reading skills. Parents are children’s first teachers and continue to play a primary role after they begin school. Handbook of Reading Activities offers a convenient and easy-to-use program for parents. This guide helps establish a home/school partnership and gives you basic reading skills to teach children.

Handbook of Reading Activities allows teachers and parents to work in unison to help develop children’s reading skills. Teachers can utilize this resource guide to send activities home to the parents to continue the learning process. Children can individually work on the reading activities in the home, which has less pressure than in a classroom.

This handbook has exercises containing primary reading skills which children learn in primary grades. Handbook of Reading Activities can be used for developmental or remedial reading and has clear instructions to follow. The result of this guide delivers a stronger reading program, which ultimately benefits the child.

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