Can Piaget Cook? Science Activities

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Can Piaget Cook? Science Activities

Mary Anne Christenberry and Barbara C. Stevens

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Mix food with learning to cook up some fun with Can Piaget Cook? This book is based on Piaget’s principles of cognitive development. These creative science activities stimulate all five senses in children through kitchen activities. Can Piaget Cook? Science Activities will teach kids about measuring, chemical changes, and combining ingredients. Young children will also learn about nutrition and how to read and follow a recipe by looking at pictures and words.

Another valuable lesson Piaget provides includes planning, sharing, responsibility, and teamwork. Children start at the beginning of the production process and get to see and taste the end result. When the food is done, kids will gain an appreciation and feel a sense of accomplishment. A reward for their hard work includes being able to eat their creations.

Can Piaget Cook? Science Activities also helps develop fine and gross motor skills as they prepare the food. Children will also learn basic mathematical and scientific skills with the help of Piaget. Recipes for enjoyment include Celery Coloring, Cheese Confetti, Rainbow Cake, and Vegetable Prints. Author Mary Anne Christenberry and illustrator Mauro Magellan also provide ideas for cookie decoration, play dough projects, and using food for finger-painting.

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Dr. Mary Anne Christenberry taught undergraduate studies at Augusta College in Georgia. She specialized in early education. Dr. Christenberry’s focal points for children included literature, reading, and language.

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