Peace in Any Language: Celebrating Our Diversity

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Peace in Any Language: Celebrating Our Diversity

Jeannine Perez

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Create an environment of acceptance and encouragement in your classroom with Peace in Any Language. This teacher’s guide will help your students understand world conflict while appreciating and celebrating cultural differences. Children will learn about the world and themselves while improving communication and social skills. You will also enhance students’ vocabulary through storytelling and writing as they learn to be open to cultural differences.

Peace in Any Language: Celebrating Our Diversity, by Jeannine Perez, has plenty of hands-on activities and problem-solving games. This educational tool can be implemented into all curriculums and includes scripts for visual imagery and brainstorming lessons. Through art and roleplaying, children can express themselves, boost their self-esteem, and become more tolerant of differences.

Through communication, students will learn that a problem has multiple solutions to resolve any conflict. Peace in Any Language: Celebrating Our Diversity is an excellent resource for all educators and has four primary themes. The lessons include “Peace Within,” A Peaceable Classroom,” “Celebrate Differences,” and “Our Part.”Children will learn to accept and respect differences and diversity in the world.

About the Author

Dr. Jeannine Perez received her B.A. and M.A. and her Ed.D. from Illinois State University. She earned degrees in Art Therapy and Art Education. Dr. Perez has taught in Russia, England, and New Mexico. She taught at Acoma, an Indian Reservation in New Mexico, and documented her life-changing experience for five years. Dr. Perez has won multiple awards, such as the Orion Fellowship and Fulbright Memorial Award. She also received the Five Dream Grants for teaching excellence. In 1997, she was inducted into the Illinois State University College of Education Hall of Fame. Dr. Perez currently resides in New Mexico.

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