Clean Air Activities

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Clean Air Activities: Exercises for a Cleaner Tomorrow

Clean Air Conservancy

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Everyone can pitch in to help the environment to give us a cleaner tomorrow. The Clean Air Conservancy developed this guide to introduce children to the causes of air pollution and its effects to create a better tomorrow. Clean Air Activities primarily focuses on pollution that coal generates but teaches other sources as well. Pennsylvania and Ohio use coal as an energy source and lead the nation in sulfur dioxide emissions.

Ultimately, the contaminants in the air end up in our water, and Clean Air Activities exercises students’ critical thinking skills. Children can think about how to lessen air pollution as they explore hands-on activities in this book. Through education and exploration, young minds can take steps to give the world a cleaner tomorrow.

Teachers can implement Clean Air Activities into other lesson plans. This educational guide can coincide with Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Economics. Students will learn about the ozone layer, carbon dioxide, and other pollutants through interactive learning. As children learn about the hazards air pollution causes, they will see that they can truly make a difference.

About the Author

Initially, the charity was called INHALE (National Healthy Air License Exchange), founded by attorney David B. Webster. At one time, Clean Air Conservancy was considered one of the ten best small environmental non-profit organizations. Clean Air Conservancy worked with the Olympic Organizing Committee (OOC) in 2001. They worked together for “event greening” practices for the Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games. On March 13, 2009, Webster died of esophageal cancer and the non-profit ceased operations in 2016.

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