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Clean Air Conservancy

In 1992, The Clean Air Conservancy, a non-profit charity, was founded in Cleveland, Ohio. Their mission: to protect the planet’s air and slow the pace of climate change. The non-profit combatted nearly 9 billion pounds of pollution. The Clean Air Conservancy served as a leader in guiding and directing pollution markets and worked with the EPA’s Acid Rain Program.

Initially, the charity was called INHALE (National Healthy Air License Exchange), founded by attorney David B. Webster. At one time, Clean Air Conservancy was considered one of the ten best small environmental non-profit organizations. Clean Air Conservancy worked with the Olympic Organizing Committee (OOC) in 2001. They worked together for “event greening” practices for the Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games. On March 13, 2009, Webster died of esophageal cancer and the non-profit ceased operations in 2016.

Clean Air Activities

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