Balance of Body, Balance of Mind

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Balance of Body, Balance of Mind: A Rolfer’s Vision of Buddhist Practice in the West

Will Johnson

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Balance of Body, Balance of Mind: A Rolfer’s Vision of Buddhist Practice in the West unites meditation and somatic therapy. Will Johnson gives readers ancient Buddhist practices and modern Western therapies in this fascinating book.

Both philosophies and their healing capabilities recognize the balance between mind and body. A structurally balanced human body is key to a mentally and emotionally balanced human mind. This book explains the beautiful simplicity of healing techniques and how to make them part of your life. Following its path, you’ll learn how to attain the spiritual and physical balance needed to create your own optimum environment through:

-Understanding the experience of balance
-Balancing time, present time, and change
-Balancing sound, vision, and the components of reality
-Balancing your heart and breath
-Balancing “luminous vision” and the “luminous world”
-Understanding suffering and its causes
-Understanding your heart and breath and how they work together to help create balance

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Editorial Reviews:

“This book signals a new and sorely needed vitality in a field which, even though it is about life, so often seems to bring out the gray and pedantic in its champions.” Peter Melchior, senior faculty member, the Guild for Structural Integration

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  1. Peter Payne

    This Book is His Manifesto
    Essential reading for all meditators as well as bodyworkers, internal martial artists, Somatic practitioners, and all engaged in the supreme goal of becoming what we always were.

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