Discover the Joy of Good Health

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Discover the Joy of Good Health

Dr. John Inzerillo

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Dr. John Inzerillo, a renowned cancer specialist, coaches and walks readers through tackling some of life’s issues like debilitating illnesses. Discover the Joy of Good Health can help those with cancer, chronic pain, dementia, depression, and heart disease. You can liberate yourself from the guilt that prevents you from asking for what you need and want. With Inzerillo’s advice, you can focus on living in the present instead of the past without any expectations. 

Discover the Joy of Good Health focuses on how to accept and adapt to change. You will learn how to set boundaries and get free from the feeling that you “need to please.” Facing an illness can be challenging enough, and adding stress and life’s challenges onto it, makes you feel worse. Dr. John Inzerillo emphasizes rekindling the child-like joy and wonder that lies within all of us. This book has unique ideas and exercises to reconnect with your inner child.

You will also get to closely examine and alter long-held belief systems, which will free you from life’s pitfalls. Discover the Joy of Good Health emphasizes compassion and grace showing that simple, everyday gestures can have a meaningful impact. Doing nice little things for yourself or others strengthens relationships and your own sense of well-being.

About the Author

Dr. John Inzerillo, a renowned cancer specialist, has been practicing medicine in North Carolina for over 20 years. He uses his experience and expertise to teach medical professionals about the emotional and mental impact cancer has on everyone close to the patient. His speaking engagements discuss “Dealing with Loss and Grief,” “Difficult Discussion in Late-Stage Cancer,” and “Helping Patients Transition into Survivorship.” An award-winning oncologist, Dr. Inzerillo has published studies and performed clinical trials. He believes in the mind-body relationship and shows how they affect one another in his book, Passion Beyond Pain: A Mindful Approach to Living a Life of Balance. By finding a calm center, we can enjoy life despite being ill. Dr. Inzerillo shows individuals and those in the medical field how to understand the relationship between pain and mental health. The goal is to achieve balance which will lead to a peaceful journey to heal and enjoy life. He also wrote, Discover the Joy of Good Health which provides helpful insight into coping in turbulent times.

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  1. Martha Weston

    I have worked with Dr. Inzerillo for a little over 3 & 1/2 years & he is a wonderful oncologist. I have both his books & they are both good reads. I have enjoyed this book & I believe you will, too!!!

  2. Stuart

    Great Book; Great Advice
    Dr. John Inzerillo takes us back to basics and guides us in clear, straightforward language on how to deal with troubling situations that so often clutter our lives in this fast-paced age of cell phones and the internet. From his many years of experience treating patients in their worst times, he provides us with insights such as how a simple smile or word of praise will make your day and more importantly the days of those around you. He teaches us that you tend to get from someone what you expect, so expect positively. Dr. Inzerillo is an oncologist but his book amounts to free sessions in the office of a very expensive psychologist. His practical coping methods will be the best advice you will ever get for such a low price.

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