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Less Drama More Fun Your Roadmap to Personal Freedom

Less Drama, More Fun: Your Roadmap to Personal Freedom

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Less Drama, More Fun: Your Roadmap to Personal Freedom

Barbara McRae

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You may feel so overwhelmed in life and sometimes feel like you do not know what fun is anymore. Less Drama, More Fun: Your Personal Roadmap to Freedom will give you creative new approaches to take your life back! Many people often script drama in their minds that affect their personal and professional lives. Creating drama causes unwanted anxiety and can turn into complete chaos. Less Drama, More Fun is a step-by-step guide to strengthening your mental, emotional, and spiritual being. By using this development guide, you will see positive results in your daily life. Your health, relationships, and career will all benefit.

Barbara McRae, an MCC (Master Certified Life Coach), shows you how to flip the dramatic script in your mind to experience breakthroughs and start to enjoy life. Less Drama, More Fun: Your Personal Roadmap to Freedom will show you how to:

The contents of this book are on the product page under the Resources and Downloads feature.

Editorial Reviews:

“A fresh look at the transformational power of living an integrity-center life. Barbara’s coaching teaches how to change old patterns, identify what we want and deserve, and achieve our full potential.” Ann Lang, President & CEO, Pike’s Peak United Way

“Barbara’s clear writing and expert coaching skills motivate us to make better, more empowering choices in our personal and business lives. She charts an achievable roadmap to unlimited abundance with step-by-step advice for turning dreams into reality.”  Deborah G. Smith, executive director, PARA

About the Author

A nationally known MCC (Master Certified Coach), Barbara McRae began her career as a leadership coach. McRae founded Enhanced Life Coaching, a national leadership coaching firm. She then founded Savvy Success Coaching to help business owners, executives, and the millions of self-employed reach success. In 2008, McRae founded another company, Mental Rebound, which provided a 10-step process to bounce back from troubling situations. As a nationally known Master Certified Coach, she is a recognized expert in professional mentoring and was profiled in Business Week magazine. McRae has partnered with hundreds of business owners and executives to help them integrate their personal and professional lives for greater performance and fulfillment in both.

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  1. Judith Rutty Godfrey

    Hitting the “Mark!”
    Barbara has given us a wonderful volume with “right on” writing about all of the drama which most people unconsciously create in their lives. But beyond that, her techniques for helping anyone wanting to have more fun and fewer energy zappers, are easy to implement for anyone seeking conscious behavior and are serious about how they REALLY want to feel each day. I highly recommend this book.

  2. Madalina Anca Uceanu

    Definitely worth the investment!
    I kept on reading lots of self-development books, so some of the ideas presented by Barbara here are not necessarily new. However, the greatest value added in my opinion is the way the ideas are presented and the challenges that you can take for each and every idea, in order to integrate it into your life and move to a new level. I would define it as a workbook, which can really bring value if read carefully and used the exercises. Definitely worth the investment!

  3. Freespirit

    Highly Recommended!
    During this time of selling a house, buying a house, moving to a new area, getting a divorce, and starting a new relationship – the drama and stress could be all-consuming if I let it. I have found great comfort and practical solutions in this book. I also love all the poetry and illustrations – very well done.

  4. Mark D.

    You can change something
    Things don’t always work out the way you think they’re going to, and this book shows you how to take the hand you’re given and stop the negative thinking. Less Drama More Fun is a book I’d highly recommend to anyone who gets themselves wigged out over little (and big) setbacks in life. I found the information to be simple, but insightful and the exercises help you discover who you are, where you’re going, and offer tips on how to get where you want to be.

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