The One Thing: The Ultimate Secret

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The One Thing: The Ultimate Secret

Wayne Holland

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The human mind has the power to overcome indifference and anxiety by shifting thoughts. By redirecting our attention and ignoring distractions, we realize how minor things can cause great distress. The One Thing explores a path, or way to live with a clearer perspective. Seeking simplicity in a complex world can be achieved and Wayne Holland offers his perspective to change thinking.

The One Thing: The Ultimate Secret gives a straightforward approach to life. This book offers a description of existence, how it came to be, and the future of a very complex development, human thinking. The One Thing maintains that ideas are a natural feature of the universe. Concepts formed in minds follow paths of growth and decay. Ideas come and go just like all other universal events.

The dynamic known as “human thinking” eventually succumbs like stars in the night sky. Thoughts can disappear by shifting your focus into the more significant facet of life. Yet, the day will come where human thinking faces forces that destroy it. Holland discusses the efforts at the time to develop artificial intelligence. The One Thing mentions that AI was the first step along the way that ultimately leads to the end of human thinking.

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About the Author

Wayne Holland was born in LeJunior, Kentucky, a tiny coal-mining town in Harlan County. He graduated from Southeastern College with a degree in education and went to graduate school at Rollins College. Holland lives in central Florida, near his children and grandchildren.

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