The Tao of Star Wars

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The Tao of Star Wars

John M. Porter M.D.

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“The Force of the Tao will be with you. Always.” As Obi-Wan Kenobi says, The Tao of Star Wars provides a spiritual force that will remain with you. This book uses “Star Wars” motifs to explain the basic tenets of Taoism. Dr. John Porter’s adaptation of the Tao Te Ching takes philosophical views from the movie dynasty and applies them to Taoism. “Star Wars” and The Tao share many familiar concepts such as acceptance, patience, and simplicity.

“I’m just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe.” Similar to Jango Fett, humans have always had an insatiable hunger for spiritual guidance. While some “Star Wars” nuances apply to Taoism, others like wu wei, yin-yang, and p’u may be unknown. Dr. John Porter, in The Tao of Star Wars, invigorates in-depth explanations to fans or individuals new to Taoist philosophies.

The Tao of Star Wars explains Taoism with sensible definitions. The way of the Tao can be described as walking life’s path in harmony. Dr. John Porter uses “Star Wars” themes and breathes life into Taoist tenets as he shows the world the way. Any “Star Wars” fan can apply the concepts Dr. Porter lays out to their life. The essence of the Tao parallels experiencing life in the present. As Yoda says, “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

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About the Author

Dr. John M. Porter is a renowned trauma surgeon, professor, and speaker who received a medical degree from Johns Hopkins University. He won an Outstanding Teacher Award from the University of Arizona where he was a Professor of Clinical Surgery and Chief Trauma Surgeon. Dr. Porter also won a Distinguished Lecturer Award from the National Medical Association and is in Davidson College’s Athletic Hall of Fame. Dr. Porter now is a professor and the Chief of Surgery for the Trauma Division at Cooper University Hospital in Camden, NJ. He has written several books and many articles for medical journals. Dr. Porter has been studying the Tao for years along with the practice of Aikido and travels in his free time.

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  1. Dan Walker

    The clearest, most useful introduction to the Tao! I can’t say enough about this book. After reading many books on Lao Tzu and the Tao Te Ching, I have found this to be the clearest, most concise, and most useful yet! I have read and re-read this book many times now and continue to get new insights each time I read it. If you are even the slightest fan of Star Wars, and are looking to flow with the Tao, this book is, IMHO, for you! I found the Tao of Star Wars more edifying, and with less rambling, than what I found in the Tao of Pooh.

  2. Uncle Buck

    A Nice Introduction to the Tao
    I just finished reading this gem. It is a very nice introduction to the Tao with a Star Wars Twist, wetting the appetite for more. If you’re interested in Taoism and you are a Star Wars fan, a Jedi perhaps 😉 you cannot pass this up.

  3. Dottie Randazzo

    Easy to Understand
    This book is great if you didn’t understand what the Jedi were trying to teach in Star Wars. I don’t think it is a book that you can read if you haven’t seen Star Wars, because you won’t know what he is referring to. Watch the Star Wars movies, then get the book. Also, it is a great introduction to Taoism.


    Traits of the Master
    This little book is an excellent explanation of the fundamentals of the Tao- and to the principles of the Force. This is because it cuts right to the core principles at the heart of all true religious paths, just as Lucas intended. The author draws heavily on the Tao Te Ching and other Taoist classics, but he also makes excellent use of Buddhist texts, as well as the Old and New Testaments. At their heart they all share the same belief in a unifying power from which we all came, all belong, and to which we shall all return.

  5. C. Brown

    Perfect Introduction
    After having stumbled over other introductions to Taoism, I picked this up because I like Star Wars. It gives a very nice introduction that is clear if a bit dry. I read it 8 years ago for the first time but still return to it periodically for clarity.

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