The Tao of Travel

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The Tao of Travel

Pamela Metz

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If you physically travel or have wanderlust, Pamela Metz takes you on an inner and outer journey. This book was inspired by Lao Tzu’s classic Tao Te Ching. The Tao of Travel guides you spiritually as you navigate life. Every trip has a starting point along with a final destination. Beginnings and endings remain part of the path and are polar opposites, or the yin and yang. When one journey ends, and you let go of it, something new will begin.

Images in The Tao of Travel have metaphorical meanings throughout the 81 chapters. Some include being a stranger and leaving, missing, and returning home. Other illustrations show delays, wandering, finding a guide, getting lost, and discovering wisdom. While all images reflect travel, they also have spiritual meaning in the realm of life. 

Carry this book on any journey when you head out to explore. The Tao of Travel will give you a moment to reflect, meditate, or simply enjoy your enriching experiences. You can also keep this spiritual guide at home for when you return from a trip or prepare for the next. If you love to travel, this book touches upon the spirit and excitement you feel and can be a source of calm in trying times. The Tao of Travel will send you off to the right path.

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About the Author

Pamela Metz lives in Denver, Colorado, where she served as Associate Professor Emeritus at the University of Denver and the associate dean of academic and student affairs for the Graduate School of Social Work. She holds degrees in education and social work from the Illinois State University, the University of Denver, and the University of Colorado. Pam’s 30-year teaching career spans university settings, public and private schools, and the innovative University Without Walls. She has worked as an elementary teacher, hospice social worker, and educational administrator. On all of her paths of life, the wisdom of the Tao has been her guide. She follows the principles of letting go, following natural cycles, and trusting the processes.

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  1. Arcturus70

    Inspiring Little Book for Traveling Soul
    A friend introduced me to this book recently. She believed it was an appropriate source of wisdom as my life is currently including a lot of difficult travel now, personally and professionally. The book includes inspiring words and positive images (simple, yet profound sketches) that are helpful for a thoughtful read and/or quiet meditation. There are 81 little “poetic” sections that prompt the reader to examine his/her own “journey of life.” This book makes a spiritually enriching gift for the busy traveler in your life. For me, often alone on my journeys, it provides a certain measure of comfort and connection… connection to something larger than myself. The pages are formatted nicely—free of clutter.

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