The Tao of Calm: 81 Meditations for Everyday Living


The Tao of Calm: 81 Meditations for Everyday Living

Pamela Metz

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Inner peace is where it’s at, and so many people struggle with attaining a sense of calmness. Life’s responsibilities often take over; people tend to deadlines and schedules, losing focus because they keep going. The Tao of Calm shows you that simply stepping back for a brief moment can deliver a sense of peace and balance. If you feel overwhelmed with life and know you need to relax and breathe, help has arrived!

The Tao of Calm works for anyone who feels they never have enough time and continuously tends to duties. By attaining a sense of peace, you balance your life where responsibilities do not tip the scale daily. Pamela Metz has written 81 meditations to ease your mind and focus on being more at peace. Taking the classic Tao Te Ching by the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu, the timeless, beautiful words have structure and deep spirituality.

Recognizing we all face stress, pressure, and anxiety, Metz lays out a path to achieve a sense of peace in any life. The Tao of Calm encourages you to stop and reflect, centering yourself. Another soothing aspect, along with the meditations, are harmonious images of nature to evoke inner and outer calm. You can use this book with other spiritual practices, be it prayer, retreats, or other forms of meditation. Anytime you feel overwhelmed, turn to The Tao of Calm for support, strength, restoration, and inspiration. You can transform hopes into reality through peace and harmony.

Read a passage from the book, Doing the Impossible, in the Resources and Downloads tab.

About the Author

Pamela Metz lives in Denver, Colorado, where she served as Associate Professor Emeritus at the University of Denver and the associate dean of academic and student affairs for the Graduate School of Social Work. She holds degrees in education and social work from the Illinois State University, the University of Denver, and the University of Colorado. Pam’s 30-year teaching career spans university settings, public and private schools, and the innovative University Without Walls. She has worked as an elementary teacher, hospice social worker, and educational administrator. On all of her paths of life, the wisdom of the Tao has been her guide. She follows the principles of letting go, following natural cycles, and trusting the processes.

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