The Tao of Circles


The Tao of the Circles Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching Adapted for New Visions

Carl Garant

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Crop circles began cropping up in fields worldwide many years ago and have become a mysterious phenomenon. These global imprints make you wonder if these wonders have terrestrial or extraterrestrial designers? These enigmatic and magnificent designs have become the subject of The Tao of the Circles. You may see the word “circles” and think shapes or spheres in traditional design. However, this book gives spiritual insight into these curious design formations known as crop circles. 

Author Carl Garant applies Taoist principles to these oddities and delivers intimate and sensitive insight into the curious design symbols. Giving the mystique of crop circles broad-scale awareness, The Tao of the Circles uses these design patterns to introduce us to their hidden and marvelous fascination. Garant looks at crop circles, their dynamic meanings and purpose, the known and the unknown.

Every crop circle design is a unique expression and has a Taoist quality. These designs summon curiosity and naturally move our inner nature and spirituality. The Tao of the Circles impresses our conscious physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual power through Taoism. Garant delivers the message gallantly to bring awareness to what we know and do not know by design. Who or what creates crop circles? Why do we find them so intriguing? Take a look through this Tao book and discover a deeper meaning.

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About the Author

Carl Garant was born and raised in Chicago. He received Industrial Design BFA and MFA degrees from the University of Illinois, Urbana. Garant began teaching as a Professor Emeritus at the Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio. He then became the Dean of Industrial and Interior Design at the college. He has taught, written, traveled, and had many speaking engagements discussing design and the design process throughout his tenure. Garant believes that design is fundamental to consciousness, archetypal in context, and the underlying language of change and transformation. He has won many design and community service awards. In 1994 he was invited as a delegate to visit and lecture in China as part of the People to People program. This invitation was China’s first to American industrial designers supporting China’s new “open-door policy.”

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