The Designer’s Book of Change


The Designer’s Book of Change: The Ancient Wisdom of the I Ching for Today’s Designers

Carl Garant

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The realms of design have such depth and wisdom, with much of it open to interpretation. Based upon the I Ching, The Designer’s Book of Change is the third book in a trilogy of works by Carl Garant. He investigates, interprets, and defines the phenomenon we call design, showing the relationships, meaning, purpose, and connections between the two. After 30 years of research, Garant provides deep insight into the entire design process touching on its power, beauty, and dynamics.

Garant unveils design’s role in the creative process, its relationship to self-fulfillment, and its relevance in everyday life. The Designer’s Book of Change shows how we perceive reality and interpret the world around us. Throughout the book, Garant makes his case that the symbolism featured in design expands our consciousness. Design is a symbol-making process that gives form and substance to life.

The ancient Chinese symbols of trigrams and hexagrams used to describe the I Ching are applied to design’s nature and elements. The Designer’s Book of Change displays convincing evidence of its universality and importance to the human condition. This book is a must-read for any creative or lover of design. Garant covers many fascinating elements of design that can appeal to anyone interested in the arts, symbolism, psychology, enlightenment, the Tao, change, or metaphysics.

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About the Author

Carl Garant was born and raised in Chicago. He received Industrial Design BFA and MFA degrees from the University of Illinois, Urbana. Garant began teaching as a Professor Emeritus at the Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio. He then became the Dean of Industrial and Interior Design at the college. He has taught, written, traveled, and had many speaking engagements discussing design and the design process throughout his tenure. Garant believes that design is fundamental to consciousness, archetypal in context, and the underlying language of change and transformation. He has won many design and community service awards. In 1994 he was invited as a delegate to visit and lecture in China as part of the People to People program. This invitation was China’s first to American industrial designers supporting China’s new “open-door policy.”

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