Playful Mind: Bringing Creativity to Life

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Playful Mind: Bringing Creativity to Life

James Downton

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Playful Mind helps you stir up your creative waters and make waves. What is creativity? James Downton defines creativity as having many facets. Creative qualities include imagination and the courage to pursue ideas and goals. When you think outside the box, you will live more playfully. The capacity to cultivate a Playful Mind lies within you. Through self-improvement, you become more aware and become what you say you are.

Playful Mind guides you to find the free spirit within your thoughts and go on an adventure by exploring new ideas. You can pursue your creative passions and be successful by shifting your thinking. You can cultivate a Playful Mind by starting small. Each one of us, through personal development, can discover our talents.

Negative thoughts cast doubt on your potential when you compare yourself to others. Perhaps you feel uncreative because a parent or teacher discouraged you as a child. You may compare yourself to siblings recognized as “the creative one in the family.” You live in this type of “mind box” with a void because you shut off your creativity. Let go of negativity and let James Downton be your guide to tap into your creative reservoirs.

As you manage fears and take risks, you will form new perspectives that can free your mind from preconceived boundaries. Playful Mind teaches you how to become more receptive to coaching and combat procrastination. As you cultivate your creativity, you build more meaningful connections and can share inspiration. Start your creative journey with this unique learning process and become unstoppable!

About the Author

James Downton, an award-winning professor, has written numerous academic and self-help books. He retired from the University of Colorado, Boulder, after teaching for 39 years. His life purpose is to help people increase their happiness, creativity, and wisdom while also doing those things for himself. His creative approaches to teaching won him multiple awards for teaching excellence. Downton incorporated these philosophies into his mentorship of students and workshops for faculty and graduate students. Downton has also taught courses in sociology, personal development, and creativity. Today, James lives in Boulder, Colorado, with his wife and loves being a husband, father, and grandfather. He is an avid squash and tennis player and also an artist. He has an art studio where he paints and sculpts. His life revolves around wholeness and creativity, cultivating wisdom, inner peace, happiness, and an easier way to live.

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