Unlock Your Child’s Learning Potential

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Unlock Your Child’s Learning Potential

Nancy Young

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Unlock Your Child’s Learning Potential K-6 offers activities for students with learning differences. Teachers or parents can use this resource book for more interactive learning exercises. Parents can easily implement the activities in this book at home because of its clear easy-to-read formatting.

Enrich children in grades K-6 in a home environment to further aid in their development. Unlock Your Child’s Learning Potential K-6 has clear-cut examples along with explanations. The lessons and directions are listed in outline form. This guide gives further resources to parents if their children have been struggling in school.

Unlock Your Child’s Learning Potential K-6 covers different subject matter. Lessons include reading aloud, comprehension, dictionary skills, spelling, and vocabulary. Children will also learn to handwrite and how to express themselves through writing. Other stimulating activities include visual and auditory learning and map reading. Finally, you can also teach children the basics of studying for and taking tests.

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