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Laoism: The Complete Teachings of Lao Zi

Master Tao Huang

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You may be asking yourself what Laoism is. Like the Tao, it is not easily defined if you are familiar with the Tao Te Ching. Master Huang breaks down the different practices and teachings between Taoism and Laoism in this trailblazing book. Master Huang has written the first book to showcase a complete profile of Lao Zi, the renowned ancient Chinese philosopher, and sage. Master Huang tackles this complicated master and his concept in Laoism.

Laoism is based on Taoist principles but stresses different aspects of the native Chinese religion. Laoists follow the path of Taoism but practice the complete teachings of Lao Zi’s philosophies. Master Huang unveils the sage’s self-invented and secret 14-character couplet. Very few people in select monasteries have had the privilege of viewing this hidden text. Laoism offers readers spiritual philosophies and teaching practices together for the first time. This philosophical revelation by and for the ages, by Master Huang, delivers on the mystical connection with Lao Zi’s spirit. The time has come.

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About the Author

Master Tao Huang, also known as Purple Yang, is the creator and teacher of the Meridian Dance healing method. He was born and raised in Dingxi, China. He discovered Taoism at age 24 while in the United States and took an intense interest in Christianity and Buddhism. After returning to China a year later, he searched for a temple where he could pursue Taoism. He emigrated to the U.S. in 1990 to teach Laosim and Taoism. Master Huang has written several books, founded the Ascending Hall Taoist Temple, and is the editor-in-chief of the journal “Mountain SKYLIGHT: A Journal of Inner Alchemy and Mystic Path.” His Meridian Dance methods tap into acupoints in geometrical patterns and connect the mind, body, and spirit to re-energize clients. Master Huang practices spiritual healing in Columbus, Ohio.

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  1. Wu Li

    Five Stars
    A must-read for the spiritually aware.

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