When I Grow Up Volume 2

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High School and Beyond: Structured Experiences for Expanding Male and Female Roles

Michelle Kavanaugh

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The second book in the When I Grow Up Series focuses on high school students and young adults while Volume 1 focuses on younger children. Dr. Kavanaugh wrote this book in 1979, and in some realms, times and roles have changed. When I Grow Up features activities that still hold validity and some that do not offer insight into the past. This guide addresses how to teach students about equality and stereotyping. Parental roles have evolved due to society changing fast, but Kavanaugh addresses children’s behaviors and attitudes the could be positively shaped.

When I Grow Up looks at how gender roles impact occupational choices. In the late ’70s, females were unlikely to go into a trade such as welding because of peer rejection and judgment from adults. If children have an image to maintain, they will conform and not be true to themselves. Dreaming and exploration of career goals were diminished because of society’s views of the male and female occupational roles.

Dr. Kavanaugh has activities for teachers and counselors to administer to students. When I Grow Up’s activities will show students’ views on societal roles and standards, including dating and marriage. This book provides thoughtful perspectives into occupational counseling and helping form stable relationships. While some concepts have progressed since 1979, equality remains an issue. When I Grow Up shows that a positive self-concept benefits everyone and works on acceptance. When high school students and young adults accept themselves and others, they form healthier bonds, freedom and can maximize their full potential.

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Michelle Kavanaugh received her Ph.D. in Sociology and taught at the University of Miami. Dr. Kavanaugh authored scholarly articles and books primarily focusing on childhood and adult development.

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