Planning Outdoor Play

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POP: A Manual Organized to Provide Design Assistance to Community Groups

Henry Sanoff

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This manual, Planning Outdoor Play, published in 1982, offers a glimpse into building playgrounds back then. Readers will gain insight into the building process. Henry Sanoff, a world-renowned architect, shows you how to plan out a creative play area. Then, he lays out the steps to implement a successful project. Sanoff gives a glimpse into group dynamics along with architecture. You can see how different things were for children’s play 40 years ago. Today, the playgrounds featured in this manual would be deemed unsafe.

Planning Outdoor Play displays the process of building playgrounds in the early ’80s. This book also has pictures to see how the designs and materials have changed over time. This manual shows you how a brilliant architect carefully thought and planned out his processes, from organizing the project to assigning roles. The book discusses every realm of building a playground. While you can not use many materials today due to safety, the planning process still applies.

While the manual, Planning Outdoor Play, does not fit the specifications and standards for today’s age, it still holds value. POP can be used as a historical reference guide or to help better understand the planning process to have a successful project.

Go back in time and view Henry Sanoff’s References for this book. You can find the document on the product page under Resources and Downloads.

About the Author

Henry Sanoff is a well-known architectural designer and retired professor. He is a highly esteemed educator winning many awards. Sanoff has a Master’s Degree in Architecture from Pratt Institute and taught at the College of Design at North Carolina State University. Sanoff is widely published and has global recognition for his books and research papers. His early work focused on early childhood education, which his wife, Joan, specializes in. The couple co-authored Learning Environments for Children. Sanoff’s research includes architectural design in social housing, schools, learning centers, and communities. Another notable project is his training seminars for Head Start groups in North Carolina and Washington D.C. Other contributions include studies for government agencies, including the U.S. Office of Education, the Department of Energy, and Housing and Urban Development. A prominent architect and educator, Sanoff is also a keynote speaker, delivering speeches worldwide. He also holds many international fellowships, awards, and recognitions, including the International Who’s Who.

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