The Millennium Myth


The Millennium Myth: The Ever-Ending Story

Sean M. O’Shea and Meryl A. Walker

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The Millennium, which has many ominous connotations throughout every culture and religion. Thinking about the end of the world, many yield an instant comprehension of potential terrors to come. Why and how did this universally recognized event find its way into the cultural consciousness of many societies?

Written in 1998, this thorough, intelligent book by Sean M. O’Shea and Meryl A. Walker follows the global Millennium Myth. The authors trace the end of the world views from its earliest known sources to more recent tragedies. From prehistoric times, our ancestors have seen day and night, crop cycles, four seasons, and life and death. This built the belief that the entire world will also someday end in apocalyptic times.

The Millennium Myth: The Ever-Ending Story analyzes major religions and their cultural beliefs along with views from Nostradamus and the Bible Code. The authors also examine views that have fairy tale premises and those of folklore, which attach themselves to ordinary people. Heading into more modern times, this book discusses mass genocide from nuclear weapons or deadly diseases. Important to also note are cults and their infamous leaders like Koresh and Jim Jones.

About the Author

Sean M. O’Shea, an educator, received his doctorate from Columbia University. He has taught graduate courses at Fordham and St. John’s University. He currently resides in Manhattan.

Meryl A. Walker is a teacher and counselor with masters’ degrees in Special Education and Psychology. She resides in Manhattan with her husband, Sean, the co-author of The Millennium Myth.

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