Love Tracks: Mystical Adventures in the Company of Dogs

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Love Tracks Mystical Adventures in the Company of Dogs

D.J. Filson

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In Love Tracks, D.J. Filson explores the spiritual connections between pets and their human companions through memorable stories, quotes, and personal insights. Pets provide a source of comfort and peace when we get stressed or have bad days. A dog truly is “man’s best friend” and a companion that will love you unconditionally.

This heartfelt book talks about dogs’ resilience, compassion, empathy, patience, and intelligence. Pets make us better people and get us to open up our hearts, minds, and souls. Love Tracks will take you down a memorable yet emotional path if you have ever lost a beloved pet. You will remember the fond moments you had with your dog and how much they meant to you. This book shares others’ memories of dogs and animals and will give you strength and courage.

Humans can learn so much from dogs and other pets, and their overall presence makes us feel better. The way they live, also coined “a dog’s life,” can teach us to stop, rest, and enjoy life. Dogs accept the good and bad, are playful and well-rested. Caring for a pet rewards owners with the ultimate level of love that knows no bounds. Love Tracks is a touching book about the deep connection between pets and their owners.

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Editorial Reviews:

“Through stories, quotes, and personal insights, Filson explores the roles animals play in peoples’ lives. She writes about dogs and mystics and the qualities they have in common, examining what it means to be touched by the profound gifts dogs offer.” University of Montana Alumni Magazine

About the Author

D.J. Filson published her first book with Green Dragon, which demonstrates her love for dogs. She grew up on a cattle ranch in Western Montana and graduated from the School of Social Work at the University of Montana. D.J. is a supervisor for child protective services and knows the impact dogs have on children. She sees animals as a source of comfort and companionship through her social work. She is a descendent of John Filson, an author, and historian from Kentucky. John Filson’s writings about Daniel Boone made him a prominent figure in the U.S. and Europe. D.J. also loves photography and studied it at Montana State University. She has won numerous awards as a photographer. D.J. publishes articles on the Western U.S. lifestyle and lives in Montana with her furry four-legged companions.

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  1. Dia Winograd

    This is a wonderful gift for anyone who has lost a beloved pet.
    This is a wonderful gift for anyone who has lost a beloved pet. The writing is beautiful. The author’s heartfelt experience is sure to benefit others.

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