The Insights of Higher Awareness

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The Insights of Higher Awareness: Understanding Spiritual Truth

Rebecca Lilly

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Striving to understand the magnitude of spirituality or religion can often be challenging to grasp. The Insights of Higher Awareness gives in-depth but concise explanations of essential spiritual truths. The truths in this book have commonalities amongst all religions and spiritual paths. The insights offer practical guidance on how to grow spiritually.

The Insights of Higher Awareness offers readers a combination of theory and practice. Author Rebecca Lilly focuses on the nature of spirit along with spiritual growth. As one spiritually evolves, a heightened sense of awareness naturally develops. This feeling will move you past negative emotions, beyond the ordinary self or ego into higher manifestations. Lilly’s other book explains this concept in further detail.

Our ordinary awareness has restrictions, and spiritual growth expands beyond those boundaries, known as dis-identification. The Insights of Higher Awareness shows the key to attaining genuine happiness through spiritual growth. As one achieves boundless spirituality, one can overcome pain and negative emotions due to combatting their ego’s restrictions. Heightened awareness brings peace and a better understanding of problems and the meaning of life.

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About the Author

Dr. Rebecca Lilly’s love of philosophy and writing shows in her academic accomplishments. She received her Philosophy B.A. from The College of William and Mary and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Cornell University. Rebecca then attended Princeton University, where she earned her Ph.D. in Philosophy. She has been a lecturer at James Madison University and a visiting professor at Washington and Lee University. Dr. Lilly also writes poetry and has received numerous awards for her work. She won the Peregrine Smith Poetry Prize and a High Commendation from the Haiku Society of America for two written books. Dr. Lilly currently lives in Virginia.

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