Joe D. Goldstrich photo

Joe D. Goldstrich

Dr. Joe D. Goldstrich received his M.D. from the University of Texas Southwest Medical School. He was a fourth-year student and one of the team members who tried to save President John F. Kennedy’s life. Dr. Goldstrich is board certified and specializes in internal medicine, cardiology, and clinical lipidology. He has held academic positions at medical schools and has authored four books on nutrition and cardiology. Dr. Goldstrich also is the former national director of education and community programs for the American Heart Association.

From 2012-14, he began researching the benefits of cannabis in reducing tumors and bettering some patients’ health. Dr. Joe D. Goldstrich worked with over 3,5000 patients in California to treat a variety of medical conditions. He now focuses on oncology and using cannabis treatments to help cancer patients. Dr. Goldstrich sits on the Board of Directors for Cannabis Clinicians and practices medical marijuana oncology treatments. He currently runs his own practice in Iowa.

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