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Larry Meredith

Dr. Lawrence “Larry” Meredith is an Emeritus Professor at the University of the Pacific in California. He is an accomplished professor and scholar and has taught at the University for 33 years. Dr. Meredith received his B.A. in English from Southwestern University, a B.D. in Historical Theology from Southern Methodist University, and his Ph.D. in History and Philosophy of Religion from Harvard University.

He taught humanities and religious studies at the University of the Pacific and has many written books and articles. Dr. Meredith has lectured around the world and won many awards. Some awards include the Distinguished Teacher Award from the National Association of Schools and Colleges of the United Methodist Church, finalist for the E. Harris Award for Distinguished Teaching, Fulbright-Hays Faculty grant, Faculty Mentor Award, and Teacher of the Universe by Semester at Sea.

Dr. Lawrence helped form Callison College, which focused on non-Western studies. Although retired, Dr. Meredith still has an active role at Pacific. He returns to lecture, meet with students, and mentor faculty.

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