Fibber E. Frog

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Fibber E Frog: A Fun E. Friends Book

Al Newman

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Fibber E. Frog tells many tales that are not true because he doesn’t have confidence in himself. After all of his stories, no one believes Fibber E. Frog anymore. His fibs make him feel better about himself, and he does not mean to be a badly behaved frog.

Because he lacks confidence he makes up lies, so everyone will think he is important. Fibber E. Frog needs help, so he starts telling the truth and stops lying. By teaching him to be himself, Fibber E. sees that things get better if he is fair and honest. Fibber E. Frog is much happier when he tells the truth!

As you read Fibber E. Frog with your children, you can teach them about telling fibs. Instead of focusing on why children should tell the truth, Al Newman takes a different approach. Fibber E. Frog encourages children to accept themselves for who they are and be honest. When children have confidence, they will not have to tell fibs to make up for things they feel they lack.

Age 4-8

About the Author

Al Newman was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, one of seven children. Before his retirement, Al worked as an advertising copywriter and creative director. He originally wrote Fraid E. Cat for his youngest daughter, Melia, because she was afraid of the dark. This spawned the Fun E. Friends series of children’s books to help with hygiene (Grub E. Dog), honesty (Fibber E. Frog), and manners (Giggle E.Goose). Al now lives in New York State and spends his time writing, painting, sculpting, and inventing new things.

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  1. Christy Armstrong

    Fibber E. Frog
    This book teaches children about telling “fibs” through a likeable frog named “Fibber”. Instead of focusing on why it is important to always tell the truth, this book takes a different approach. It encourages children to be comfortable with who they are, and to not feel that they need to build themselves up to others by making up stories that are not true. I have not not found another book like it!

  2. Mike

    Five Stars
    Great Children’s book.

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