The Singing Bowl

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The Singing Bowl

Roy Dimond

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Embarking on a spiritual journey while traveling alone takes courage and wisdom. The Singing Bowl, by author Roy Dimond, serves up the mystical adventures of a Tibetan Monk. This epic story details his flight from his monastery and homeland due to danger and a global search for a lost book to preserve his ancient way of life.

He treks over Nepal’s mountains, ventures to Switzerland, Afghanistan, Egypt, and Machu Picchu, where he has a life-changing experience. After crisscrossing the world, he reaches his final destination in British Columbia. He is a “Gatherer,” or knowledge-seeker, and encounters fascinating people on his journey with different backgrounds and religions. The monk learns valuable lessons from all of the characters as he travels through ancient, old, and new worlds. He has to keep running for his life because those in pursuit continue their search for him.

Throughout his travels, the monk finds love, spiritual teachers, kindred animals, and his intuition. The Singing Bowl delivers a transformative story that will show you others’ intentions, including your own. As you read through the monk’s journey, you will get a glimpse into his heart, mind, and soul. The Singing Bowl will have you pause, reflect, and understand the value of deep connections. You may even form new thoughts seeing that no matter our backgrounds, we are all one being.

About the Author

Roy has not always been a writer. He spent much of his adult life, 30 years, as a Youth Worker helping at-risk children and their families overcome difficulties. His career as a Youth worker was rewarding and heartbreaking, and he learned a great deal from the experience. Today, Dimond pursues his love of writing and world travel. He has visited four continents and explored Cuzco, Kyoto, Santorini, and Tsumago. His worldwide wanderings comprised a large part of his storytelling and writing. He lives with his wife in Victoria, British Columbia, and his first book, The Singing Bowl, is now in its 2nd edition.

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  1. Neal Friedman

    While I don’t ordinarily read fiction, I was drawn to this story by the promise of a worldwide adventure. The characters and storyline are compelling right from the first few pages and the pace of the changing settings and unfolding connections made for a riveting and most enjoyable experience. This is so much more than “just another story.” I can’t wait to read the author’s next creation!

  2. Jeff Leitch

    Absolutely Brilliant
    This epic story is an ultimate must-read in your life backpack! After reading The Singing Bowl, I marveled at the myriad of characters that take you over the precipice of life’s ultimate questions. This journey through consciousness and intention is timeless. You will feel that you are holding a Holy Book (with the fear of even creasing the cover or dog-earing a page) but will lean on it like a good friend if you are ever paralyzed in your own life from moving forward. This story harnesses the intentions of the world and ourselves, that magically takes you… home. The Singing Bowl will always have a special place in mine. Absolutely brilliant indeed!

  3. CK

    Compelling Read
    When I picked up this book, I didn’t know what to expect, but it captured my interest from the first pages. I enjoy reading books that take me out of my usual, normal world and that allow me to experience other cultures and ideas. The Singing Bowl brought me on a journey across the world and introduced me to cultures and ideas and characters that I wanted to know more about. I was interested in the main character’s journey and wanted to keep reading just to find out what he would experience. The writer is very clever and knowledgeable and has written a beautiful and compelling story.

  4. Writerinthehouse

    Authentic action, philosophy, history roll into one for this epic journey.
    I am not a Buddhist, and yet the Singing Bowl provides marvelous insights into the human condition through the eyes of unique and memorable characters. The author has done his homework.

  5. Eftmaster26

    A moving motivation in book form
    A mystical journey of discovery, entertaining as it delivers its wisdom and deep messages. Very enjoyable read. I recommend it for those in the Old World or the New.

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