Burbank, Minoka, Cyranek, & Prince


Burbank, Minoka, Cyranek, and Prince: Reflections on Friendship, Wealth, Corruption, and the Law

William E. Blaine

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William Blaine tells the story of four friends who went to law school together. The first, Butch Burbank, is the son of a U.S. Air Force Pilot. Butch is the only family member to survive a freak car accident on the German Autobahn. Another friend in the group, Stachiko Minoka, escapes the bombing of Hiroshima. Stachiko is later transported to America where doctors perform experimental neurosurgery that changes the course of her newly saved life. Readers will also meet, Andre Cyranek, a native Brazilian who receives a cryptic message from his father from beyond the grave hinting at possible ties to the Nazi regime. The fourth friend, White Cloud Prince, is a full-blooded American Indian. White Cloud Prince is torn between duty to his tribe and a driving passion to succeed in the white man’s world, which calls to him from beyond the horizon.

Young, ambitious, and fearless, these four law students set out to form a binding partnership sealed by fate, tested by circumstances beyond their control, and preserved by the memory of their longtime friend, Daniel Webster. From his quiet California ranch, Daniel, now in his twilight years, reflects back on his own days as a fearless young law student, and recounts the evolution of his friendship with these four hot shot New York attorneys – Burbank, Minoka, Cyranek, and Prince – whose lives were forever changed by a most extraordinary chain of events.

About the Author

Dr. William E. Blaine was a Navy Pilot in WWII and Korea. He received a B.A. from Bowdoin College, M.B.A. from Ohio State, and his Ph.D. from Century University. Throughout his career, he was an attorney and business owner, and operator of lumber companies. Dr. Blaine was also a professor and served on several non-profit hospitals, college, and social service boards. Dr. Blaine has received many awards, including the Thomas Jefferson Award, the Junior Achievement Hall of Fame Laureate, the Golden Achievement Award, and the Pope John Paul II Bene Meranti Award.

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