Cover Up: A Molly Miller Mystery

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Cover Up: A Tale of Art, Intrigue, Murder, and High Society

Dagmar Lowe

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In Dagmar Lowe’s, Fairway to Die, the self-proclaimed amateur sleuth, Molly Miller solves a murder on a golf course. Now, in Cover Up: A Tale of Art, Intrigue, Murder, and High Society, Molly puts her detective skills to work again. Two highly valuable French paintings are stolen in a heist from a Palm Beach mansion with a murder victim left behind. Molly, a seventy-something-year-old high-society gal is the Palm Beach answer to Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple.

Before the crimes, she was a guest at a dinner party hosted by her friend Daphne, a widow of a financier and art collector. Did one or more of the guests commit the crimes, and why were some valuables not taken?

What did the neighbor Contessa hear at night? Molly looks and listens and continues to gather up clues. She partners up again with FBI Special Agent Emilio Gonzalez, her co-investigator in Fairway to Die. The murder mystery trail leads Molly and Emilio to a shady art auction house and the victim’s Miami apartment. However, a splashy Manhattan art gallery’s opening busts open the case for Molly. She single-handedly uncovers the heist’s astonishing motive and identifies the art thief! This shocking revelation was unsuspected by everyone, and the suspect was in plain sight all along! Find out who was behind the Cover Up in Lowe’s murder mystery novel.

About the Author

Dagmar Lowe was born in Germany and attended the University of Zurich in Switzerland. She has advanced degrees in German, English Literature, and History. Lowe works as a translator on topics including literature, art, history, legal, and travel. She has done translation work for the Mayor Gallery in London and JMS Books. Lowe also is an English/German journalist and was a broadcaster for the BBC. Her articles have been featured in the Evening Standard, Daily Telegraph, and Literary Review. She has four children and divides her time between London and Palm Beach, FL.

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