Palm Beach Confidential

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Palm Beach Confidential – Murder, Intrigue, and Forgery on Paradise Island

Robert Mykle

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Maxie Roberts, an art gallery owner in Palm Beach, is hired to appraise a client’s artwork and ends up leaving a grisly murder scene. When his wealthy socialite client has been brutally slain in her luxurious mansion, he places himself at the crime scene and then into the midst of the investigation.

Maxie discovers the works of art are not genuine, but where are the authentic ones? He is determined to find the original paintings, catch the forger and the murderer. Palm Beach Confidential takes you on a suspenseful and fast-paced, thrilling roller coaster ride from Florida to Canada.

The heroic sleuth gets drawn into a high-stakes murder case that threatens his wealth, his life, and his fiery relationship with sexy attorney Kathy Kramer. In Palm Beach Confidential, author Robert Mykle takes you on a twisted ride of high society, high-end art, wealth, and the dark side of crime. Find out who murdered the socialite and forged the paintings. Also, see what happens to Maxie in this mysterious and intriguing novel.

About the Author

Award-winning author Robert Mykle grew up in Boston, graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, then set off to South America. His adventurous spirit sent him trekking through the jungles of the Amazon and climbing 18,000 ft mountains. Not one to stay still for long, Robert still frequently travels around the globe and can be found running with the bulls every year in Pamplona, Spain. Mykle writes about his incredible life experiences with enthusiasm and now resides in Palm Beach Gardens. He leads the Palm Beach Writers Group and is the former president of the Florida Writers Association. His interests are varied and include marine biology, geology, ecology, art, music, theater, and scuba diving. Mykle also works on various international humanitarian and environmental efforts.

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  1. Jerold B. Pozner

    Terrific Mystery
    Shades of John D.Mcdonald and Mickey Spillane we have now Robert Mckle joining these top mystery writers He comes up with Maxie Roberts his hero and art apraiser and creates a web of suspense in the business of the art world. This includes theft, robbery and copying of some of the great masters of painters. It goes from Palm Beach to Toronto, Canada. It has a dynamic ending that makes Robert’s novel something that one would enjoy seeing on the screen making a great movie. Can’t wait for Robert’s next novel.

  2. Tom Loughney

    Suspense and Mystery Build Right to the End
    Living in the Palm Beach area I know a little of what life is like among the rich and (in)famous. This novel nails it right on the head. Of course, there is a little more murder in the novel than we usually have, but the rest of the story sounds like what goes on behind closed doors.

  3. Sandy P. Klein

    Five Stars
    Loved this book, and it’s now in my loaner library for my friends, of which six also enjoyed reading. I’ve re-read it two more times in between loaning it out, and found it to be better each time!

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