Murder By Medicine


Murder By Medicine: a Brilliant New SleuthHound Mystery

Beatrice Cayzer

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International racehorse trainer Rick Harrow, and his pregnant wife Happy, have seen better days. Down on their luck, flat-broke and without a thoroughbred horse to train. Rick’s old friend from school, Ivor, calls and offers him a job in England. Rick is overjoyed. 

Rick and Happy arrive in England, and soon after, Ivor dies after having a headache. Rick suspects that Ivor’s death was not an accident, and his theory proves valid. He learns that five trainer friends in the U.S. have died under similar circumstances.

Sport of Kings writer and novelist Beatrice Cayzer sets the pace for a galloping ride in this riveting novel. Murder by Medicine enters the winner’s circle when Happy gets abducted during Race Week in Dubai. Will Happy Harrow escape and solve the murder mystery? It’s a photo finish right to the end! 

About the Author

Beatrice Fairbanks Cayzer has lived in Europe, the United States and traveled widely abroad, spending much time in Dubai. Her personal familiarity with the places and people who participate in ‘The Sport of Kings’ enables her to recreate an authentic atmosphere and background for this colorful world in her writing. She was married to Stanley Cayzer and founded the Cayzer Museum for Children in England before becoming an author. On an interesting historical note, Beatrice’s two ancestors arrived in northern Virginia in the 1600s and helped build their community. In 2016, Cayzer authored “The Secret Diary of Mrs. John Quincy Adams” which was a Finalist for the Chanticleer Book Award for Historical Fiction in 2016, which features the best books on Late Period Historical Fiction. Beatrice belongs to several social clubs in the U.S. and Europe and is a philanthropist. She supports international charities, including the Lambeth Palace Library, St. John’s Ophthalmic Hospital, Help the Aged, The Order of St. Lazarus, and the Red Cross. Her first fiction novel, “Murder by Medicine” was published by SleuthHound Books in 2008.

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