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Jane Foster

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Sliding is staged in mid-1980s Chicago and New York City, as two women grapple with everything life throws at them. Throughout marriage, children, divorce, wealth, alcoholism, truth, and love, these childhood friends are there for each other.

Through visits and phone calls, they weather the changing seasons of life together. Sliding is a heartfelt yet humorous novel, and Jane Foster delivers wit and wisdom in this entertaining yet cautionary tale. Sliding will inspire or help you if you find yourself a supportive friend who often gets leaned on.

2017 Book Excellence Award Finalist for Comedy

Editorial Reviews:

“Jane Foster strikes again with eloquence in Sliding. Her characters lay bare often hidden realities of living the high life in 1980s New York, performing in ways only a true insider would know.” Anne Yelland, Co-Author of Boulevard Beausejour

Perhaps more than anywhere else, New York has mood swings, from the buoyancy and optimism of the earlier 1980s to a financial crash in 1987 and the anxiety that followed. Sliding is a warm and witty reminder of life there in the mid-1980s, indelibly catching this period in an extraordinary decade.” Lord Risby, British parliamentarian

“What makes Sliding so special? As with fiction, it’s all about voice: that special magic that brings words to life. Jane has a voice many authors aspire to, but few find. Her story offers a powerful message with a spark of hope, plenty of humor, and an abundance of inspiration.” Jim McGregor, MSW, author of The Tao of Recovery.

About the Author

Jane Foster was born in New Orleans and moved to New York City to study English Literature and Art. She lived in NYC for over 30 years, working as a jewelry designer with Fred Leighton before opening her own business. She now splits her time between Florida and France. “Sliding,” Foster’s second fiction novel, is loosely based on her life. In 1980s New York City, the book’s main character does not know she is an alcoholic. “Sliding” was the Eric Hoffer Gold Medal Finalist for Commercial Fiction in 2016. Foster’s third book, “Boulevard Beausejour,” written with Anne Yelland, won the 2017 Book Excellence Award Finalist for Comedy. The book follows a couple who move to Paris from New York City. “Careless,” her fourth book, was a 2019 Book Excellence Award Finalist for Contemporary Fiction-International. The book tells the story of an NYC ballet dancer and reveals the dark side of fame. For nearly two decades, Foster has served on the board of the Hanley Center, an alcoholism and substance abuse treatment center in South Florida. Her mission is to try and remove the stigma surrounding addiction and recovery. By sharing her experiences and strength, she inspires many inside and outside the recovery community. Foster is also a passionate horticulturist, and two of her gardens are included in the Smithsonian Archives of American Gardens.

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  1. Thomas K. Flagg

    Engaging to the max. Continually amazed at the complex characters.

  2. John Penn

    Highly Recommend!
    I recommend both of her books and look forward I’m loving this latest novel from Jane Foster! Jane balances a keen sense of humor with a serious topic and her stories engaging. I recommend both of her books and look forward to the next!

  3. Kathlyn

    Another Good Read from Jane Foster!
    As a resident of both Chicago and New York City, I thought it was a great portrait of those cities during the ’80s. I loved getting to know her characters and thoroughly enjoyed the storyline. Delighted to recommend SLIDING to friends.

  4. Tonia Grein

    Great Read
    I could not put this book down. Sliding is warm and funny. A captivating tale of friendship and life with all of its ups and downs. I am going to wait three months and read it again. Engaging, I love Daphne and Maggie.

  5. Lindy Carlisle

    Jane Foster spares no details as her gritty prose throws alcoholism’s depths of despair at the reader. In Sliding, Ms. Foster takes us on a full circle journey as the alcoholic mother slides down the slippery slope of shame, climbing up and out to recovery… and the light-filled joyous life that God grants us all.

  6. Romayne Bockstoce

    Still thinking about this book.
    Friendship and family are the core of this vivid story. The details leave you wanting to know even more about their lives: and I got shivers down the spine at the very realistic descriptions of driving drunk…. and suffering a major hangover. The page layouts leave room for thought between each paragraph, and I liked that. Three days on, I am still remembering scenes from this book, imagining the places where it happened… and admiring the author’s gift for making the story come alive.

  7. Jorge Tort

    Five Stars
    Just as she has done before, Foster draws us into her new story with a subtle yet assured hand. Her prose is elegant, rich, and purposeful; she seduces us with characters that are smart, intelligent, and wildly sophisticated. This is a landscape she clearly knows from the inside, both materially and psychologically. She is in total command of her message, how lucky for us all.

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