Boulevard Beauséjour

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Boulevard Beauséjour

A Novel by Jane Foster and Anne Yelland

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Boulevard Beauséjour takes place in Paris and a Chateau in the Loire Valley. A young and successful couple from New York City, Alice and Andy carry sadness as they travel to France. Alice gets a job as a philosopher for an international “think tank,” and her partner takes a new role riding her coattails. Leaving his former career as an art critic, his past threatens the future as he is drawn back into the art world and seems intent on self-destruction.

Share in Alice and Andy’s adventures as they meet new people and face new challenges. Together they contend with visiting in-laws, a suave Parisian, ghosts, tarot card reader, a wild pig, and a mischievous parrot that only complicate the ex-pats’ new lives.

Boulevard Beauséjour is lined with love, romance, family, friendships, drinking, and gambling. This humorous yet touching work tells a tale of preconceptions and misconceptions. Jane Foster and Yelland provide comedy but also a brilliant novel unafraid to illuminate a difficult issue. Boulevard Beausejour also shows delight in a flourishing romance between two people who believed such feelings were in their pasts.

2017 Book Excellence Award Finalist for Comedy

Editorial Reviews:

“Like all good fiction, Boulevard Beauséjour entertains as it enhances an understanding of the world. Beautifully written prose glides the reader through this dark comedy as the authors present in a most original way the challenges of being an American in Paris. Bravo to Foster and Yelland for a job well done.” Marcia Chellis, New York Times Bestselling Author

Boulevard Beauséjour is a cautionary tale about an American couple enjoying la belle vie to excess. … from café tables to roulette tables, from the art world to other-world, this neat little novel is a joy from start to finish.” Georgia Jacobs, Editor and journalist, an American ex-pat living in Paris

About the Author

Jane Foster was born in New Orleans and moved to New York City to study English Literature and Art. She lived in NYC for over 30 years, working as a jewelry designer with Fred Leighton before opening her own business. She now splits her time between Florida and France. “Sliding,” Foster’s second fiction novel, is loosely based on her life. In 1980s New York City, the book’s main character does not know she is an alcoholic. “Sliding” was the Eric Hoffer Gold Medal Finalist for Commercial Fiction in 2016. Foster’s third book, “Boulevard Beausejour,” written with Anne Yelland, won the 2017 Book Excellence Award Finalist for Comedy. The book follows a couple who move to Paris from New York City. “Careless,” her fourth book, was a 2019 Book Excellence Award Finalist for Contemporary Fiction-International. The book tells the story of an NYC ballet dancer and reveals the dark side of fame. For nearly two decades, Foster has served on the board of the Hanley Center, an alcoholism and substance abuse treatment center in South Florida. Her mission is to try and remove the stigma surrounding addiction and recovery. By sharing her experiences and strength, she inspires many inside and outside the recovery community. Foster is also a passionate horticulturist, and two of her gardens are included in the Smithsonian Archives of American Gardens.

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  1. Christine F.

    I love the authors’ use of words.
    I love the authors’ use of words to depict the interestingly new life that is unveiling to the characters and also how she makes you feel you’re really in Paris!! Love Love Love!!

  2. PBNPB

    Fascinating Read
    Boulevard Beausejour is a fascinating read and a psychological novel that makes one look at and examine one’s own life and relationships It also takes place in Paris… One of my favorite cities!

  3. Cole

    Really Fun Read
    This is such a fun and clever read, (especially because I live near Boulevard Beauséjour and recognized all sorts of places around the neighborhood- I was surprised to learn some of my city’s secrets). It was clearly written by people who know French culture and relationships. I read the last half of the book in one sitting I was so hooked on the characters. All in all a lively novel with serious parts and a hopeful, joyous message.

  4. Donna Casey

    Modern Americans in Paris
    A romp through Paris and environs with colorful characters and a bit of haunting in this modern-day dark comedy. Serious themes of addiction to gambling and champagne make the denouement sweeter.

  5. Elizabeth S.

    Truly delightful journey
    A wonderful assembly of French and American personalities in Paris, the home turf of the French. This mixed group, as generations of French and Americans before them, tries to figure out each others’ social dance steps and the results are delightful. Both life in Paris and the City of Light itself are treated to affectionate and wry observations that most would overlook. Overall, the book is a comfortable and smile-inducing tale – perfect for summer reading.

  6. Lbell

    A Great Read
    Jane Foster’s and Anne Yelland’s Boulevard Beausejour takes us on a romping cruise through the shimmering waters of Paris café Society, roulette tables, and prestigious art and real estate merchandizing as its oblivious characters float precariously above dark rocky shoals of alcohol, debt, and denial. Cheer them or pity them, their vanities, vulnerabilities, and victories transport fiction to familiar realities of life.

  7. Romuald Dzemo

    What is it like for an American to survive in Paris?
    Boulevard Beauséjour by Jane Foster and Anne Yelland reflects on this question and weaves a stunning answer in a novel that explores the clash of cultures, the prejudices people could have about each other, the power of relationships, and the conflicts that punctuate the rhythm of every ordinary day. In a story set in the City of Light, the reader is introduced to intriguing characters, an American couple, Andy and Alice, navigating their way through Paris. They will meet a hairdresser who is quick-witted, an elegant Count, and an alluring Parisian. While Alice may love her new job, Andy seems to miss his life back in the US; he starts developing habits that could be more costly for him.

    This is a story with scenes that will be very familiar to immigrants and those leaving their places of origin to work elsewhere. The setting — both physical and cultural — is brilliantly explored and readers are treated to the wonderful realities of Paris that could be taken for granted. The characters are very real and convincing and readers can easily relate to them. The themes of culture shock, love, and relationships are well-developed in this story. The conflict is well-developed as well and it results from the change of milieu and the constraints that come with it. Boulevard Beauséjour by Jane Foster and Anne Yelland is humorous and exciting, an adventure that witnesses the clash of cultures. This is an exciting and entertaining story, written in excellent prose and in a voice that is arresting and beguiling.

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