Dr. Leonard Shares How to Live Happily Ever After

Erin Leonard photo

Relationship advice we can all benefit from! Dr. Erin Leonard says everyone strives for loving and close relationships, yet, often, it is our closest relationships that become distant and painful. Often, this is because one person in the relationship is emotionally stunted. She shares her thoughts on how we can all live happily ever after. Yes, she says it IS possible! Watch the video interview here.

The 4 signs that your relationship and or partner might be emotionally stunted:

1) Banging Your Head Against The Wall: When there is a disagreement or conflict, your partner can only consider and repeat his or her perspective. They cannot understand anyone else’s perspective but their own,  so getting in a  disagreement with them may feel like you are banging your head against the wall.

2) The Blame Game: Your partner rarely takes responsibility for his or her mistakes, and instead points the finger back at you.

3) Life Is So Hard: Your partner acts as if you’re a hardship in their life–Like you are a burden.

4) Lack of Empathy: Your partner rarely cares how you feel. When you are sick or injured, they are insensitive and sometimes act as if you deserve it. If these four phenomena exist in your relationship, your partner may be emotionally stunted, and in need of some help getting the love and closeness back.

Accountability and Empathy = emotional closeness.

Dr. Leonard has a new book out! Loving Well: The Key to Satisfying and Joyful Relationships. Available at bookstores everywhere!! If you’re in a toxic relationship, check out her book, Emotional Terrorism.