Five People You Should Push Aside to Improve Your Health

Emotional Terrorism Toxic People photo

Green Bay, WI. WLUK TV Fox 11 News — Dr. Erin Leonard joins Living with Amy to discuss her new book “Emotional Terrorism“. Whether at work or elsewhere, she offers the top five offenders and how to better cope with them. Take a look at the interview.

This blog post has a video to watch on Cutting Ties with Toxic People.

To learn more about Dr. Leonard‘s Book click here. One reader writes, “A great read and reference for someone who is or has been in a relationship which has left them feeling worthless or less than. Also, a great reference for parents of children and/or adolescents who might be dealing with the aftermath of bullying by an individual or group. Not only does this book give a clear definition of Projective Identification, seemingly the root of most bullying today, but also checklists to determine if this toxic pattern is currently in the reader’s life. Dr. Leonard illustrates scenarios in which this cycle can begin and be allowed to continue by a victim. She also gives the reader insight into how to step out of the cycle and move past these relationships. This book has identified a few toxic relationships that I have had in the past and now understand I was not the one with the flaws, rather, it was the other person. This is a MUST READ if you or someone you know is in a situation where they are constantly degraded by another person.”