How to Talk to Your Kids About Violence in the News

The Washington Post reports the San Bernardino tragedy on December 2 was the 355th mass shooting so far this year. The article includes a calendar that’s being widely shared on social media. It highlights the days when four or more people are injured in a shooting incident in America. The numbers are staggering. The events themselves are hard to think about for adults, and even harder to talk about with your kids.

Child Psychotherapist, Dr. Erin Leonard, says “it’s a pretty strong possibility that they’re gonna hear something at school or in the neighborhood or catch something on the news.”

Dr. Leonard believes it’s important to ask your kids if they’ve heard about anything that scares them. You can also read about how to Talk to Your Kids About Terrorism.

Dr. Erin Leonard is the author of several books including Emotional Terrorism: Breaking the Chains of a Toxic Relationship.