In Praise of Teachers

Teacher Praise photo

As the school year comes to an end, teachers deserve praise for all they do. Children not only receive an education but a lasting impression. Teachers also make an impact on their students’ families and the community. Entering the field of education takes a patient person seeking to make a difference.

Teachers need resilience to adapt to all the changes in the field of education. With remote and hybrid learning, techniques need to be adjusted. As technology plays a more prominent role in teaching, new methods need to be introduced. Seeing that students stay motivated and inspired can be a challenging task. Teachers get to see students grow from an academic perspective and as an individual.

The job of teaching also carries a great deal of responsibility. Looking after students’ well-being and monitoring their performance comes with the job. Creating a safe environment is important to help children feel comfortable. Any behavioral problems or learning lags need to be addressed with the parents. Anytime there’s an issue, educators need to loop in the school administrators.

Another responsibility is delivering a classroom that fosters communication. Letting students have a healthy exchange of ideas helps them learn. Teachers also get a chance to learn new things. Lessons can lead to insightful conversations where everyone walks away with new knowledge. Overseeing positive learning experiences and making a difference are extremely rewarding.

Teachers also may have roles outside of their classrooms overseeing other activities. During the school day, monitoring lunch, recess, or the buses are some roles. Some teachers volunteer to be chaperones at events, like dances or field trips. Educators also get involved by coaching or helping out with sports. The days are always interesting and never the same.

After school, teachers hold conferences with parents and grade students’ work. Looking over papers or tests at night takes time. Constantly being on the go can easily lead to teacher burnout. Despite having weekends off, the school days start early and don’t end when students go home.

Even with summers off, dedicated teachers continue to work when school’s out. Some start planning ahead for next year with lesson plans. After reflecting on the previous nine months, teachers may see areas that can be improved. Also, educators may need to take courses for continuing education. The only free time teachers have to take on extensive projects is during the summer.

Naturally, anyone who has the summer off carves out time to enjoy themselves. Educators can spend time traveling, reading, or pursuing other hobbies. Also, teachers with kids can devote a few months to family time. Being cooped up in a classroom for most of the year brings a love for the outdoors. With warmer weather, teachers and their families can enjoy the fresh air.

Both students and anyone working in the school deserve the summer break. Memories are made inside the classroom, but everyone gets to have more fun outside. Before you know it, the school bell will be ringing soon. Teachers go back a bit earlier than the students to prepare for the upcoming year.

We hope you enjoy your time off this summer! We appreciate all you do!