Relationship Tips from an Expert

With Valentines Day approaching noted Behavioral Specialist Dr. Erin Leonard offers tips to satisfying and sustainable relationships! ♥♥

Currently, the divorce rate is over 50% and steadily increasing. Almost everyone these days suffers from anxiety and depression, and not many people in committed relationships are having consistent physical intimacy. Why? Because people are picking the wrong partners. Emotional closeness with someone alleviates depression and anxiety. It leads to satisfying physical intimacy and it sustains joy, trust, and satisfaction in a person’s life. It also produces secure and unanxious children. Yet, a large portion of the population is emotionally unevolved, which means, they are incapable of sustaining emotional closeness in their relationships. Yet, it is difficult to detect if your potential partner or current partner is emotionally unevolved, and this book will show you how. It will help ensure you are selecting an emotionally available partner, as well as explain what emotional closeness is, and how to get it and keep it. If you lack emotional closeness in your current relationship, this book will inform you on how to get it back or if it is lost forever.

Dr. Leonard is the author of several books including Emotional Terrorism: Breaking the Chains of a Toxic Relationship.