The Value of School Librarians

School Librarians

American Association of School Librarians

Infographic from the AASL (American Association of School Librarians)

School librarians are a valuable asset to the education system. Both students and teachers of all grades use the library. With the digital landscape now prominent, access to resources is greater than ever. The school librarian assists with finding electronic materials, books, journals, magazines, and newspapers. The library may be a hub of activities for storytime, social gatherings, and lessons in elementary education.

Here are some essential things school librarians do:

  1. Organize Reading Materials: School librarians are responsible for organizing and managing physical and digital materials. They stay on top of new books and introduce them to the school.
  2. Show Students How to Lookup Information: Back in the day, there were only physical books, and everyone had to learn the Dewey Decimal System. Today, some libraries are shifting away from this classification method. A school librarian helps students find the physical and digital materials they need for research. Children get an opportunity to grow and learn while visiting the library.
  3. Act as a Resource for Teachers: The school librarian will connect teachers with print and digital information. Librarians keep teachers updated on current trends and can help with lesson plans. The teacher can work in unison with the library to give students a more fulfilling learning experience.

Public libraries also offer many excellent benefits for children.