Does Your Partner Have a Personality Disorder?

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TIPSHEET: Does Your Partner Have a Personality Disorder?

From: Dr. Erin Leonard

  1. Does your partner have erratic mood swings?
  2. Does your partner blame you for their problems?
  3. Does your partner speak to you with commands and demands?
  4. Does your partner repeatedly make backhanded comments to you?
  5. Is your partner incapable of having an adult conversation with you without inserting degrading jokes or critical commentary?
  6. Does your partner objectify you sexually?
  7. Does your partner exploit your weaknesses and highlight your flaws to make you feel incompetent?
  8. Does your partner exploit your weaknesses in a way that makes you think no one else could possibly want you?
  9. Does your partner devalue your job, friends, family, or hobbies?
  10. Does your partner frequently play the victim, feigning illness or emotional hardship because of you?
  11. Does your partner only apologize when they have no other option, and the apology is insincere?
  12. Does your partner talk negatively about you to mutual acquaintances without your knowledge?
  13. Does your partner continually make you our to be the “bad guy,” particularly with your children?
  14. Does your partner dismiss what you say as if you are invisible?
  15. Does your partner look and you and treat you with disgust?
  16. Does your partner compliment your achievements in front of others but never at home?
  17. Does your partner make unwanted sexual advances (groping) in front of others to show his dominance over you?
  18. Does your partner call you names, yell obscenities, or tell you to “shut up” regularly?
  19. Have you ever felt unsafe or afraid of your partner due to the intensity of their rage?

If you answered YES to 13 out of 19 of these questions, your partner most likely has psychological problems that need medical attention; Dr. Erin Leonard offers aid to you and your children from the pain of this psychological prison. Read more about The Hallmark of a Personality Disorder.

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