Webinar with Ann Purcell: Is Enlightenment Possible?

Journey of Enlightenment Ann Purcell photo

I am a very shy, behind-the-scenes type of person. Several people talked me into doing my first webinar. I reluctantly agreed.

The webinar questions ranged from, “what is enlightenment?”,  “is enlightenment possible?”, “What is the difference between self-realization and enlightenment”, how does enlightenment practically affect everyday life and relationships”?

One point that came out in the question/answer session, which several people commented that they enjoyed was that the journey of enlightenment is not a destination spot or something we live for in the future. It is the natural unfolding of the peace, calm, coherence, and bliss that already exists at the depths of the hearts and minds of every person on this planet. We only need to tap or dive into this transcendental state during meditation where all these qualities exist. Through regular practice of meditation, all these qualities of calm, expansion, peace, and happiness will spill over into our daily life.

I mentioned during the webinar that the technique I have practiced for 42 years is Transcendental Meditation (TM). From the first day I learned TM, I effortlessly dove into this state of pure silence and found the experience immediately rewarding. I find my meditation practice so enjoyable that I have rarely missed a meditation. I continue to experience more and more positive benefits.

Kind regards – Ann