Welcome Winter Solstice! Here’s everything you need to know…

Image result for winter solstice 2015Before we know it, Thanksgiving is over and we hit the winter solstice. Late dawn. Early sunset. Short day. Long night. For us in the Northern Hemisphere, the December solstice marks the longest night and shortest day of the year. Meanwhile, on the day of the December solstice, the Southern Hemisphere has its longest day and shortest night. This special day is coming up on Tuesday, December 22 at 4:48 UTC (December 21 at 10:48 p.m. CST). No matter where you live on Earth’s globe, a solstice is your signal to celebrate. Follow the links below to learn more about the 2015 December solstice.

When is the solstice where I live?

What is a solstice?

Where should I look to see signs of the solstice in nature?

Why doesn’t the earliest sunset come on the shortest day?