Advance Praise for Boulevard Beausejour

Jane Foster Anne Yelland photo

Boulevard Beauséjour is a funny and touching novel of preconceptions and misconceptions with serious undertones set in Paris and a Chateau in the Loire Valley. The work is itself a cross-cultural collaboration between two authors: Jane Foster, an award-winning American novelist, and Anne Yelland, a Brit living in Paris. Available in bookstores everywhere.

Advance Praise for this New Novel

“Like all good fiction, Boulevard Beauséjour entertains as it enhances an understanding of the world. Beautifully written prose glides the reader through this dark comedy as the authors present in a most original way the challenges of being an American in Paris. Bravo to Foster and Yelland for a job well done.” Marcia Chellis, New York Times bestselling author

“In Boulevard Beauséjour Foster and Yelland successfully manage the fine line between humour and the more serious as their characters plunge into a new life in Paris. But as we all know changing country does not wipe away the past.” Lord Richard Risby

“In Boulevard Beauséjour Foster and Yelland provide the reader with a hilarious romp through Paris. This dark comedy is stylish and original but always has you on the edge of your seat waiting to turn the next page.” Christopher Ruddy, CEO NewsMax Media.

“Boulevard Beauséjour is a cautionary tale about an American couple enjoying la belle vie to excess. … from café tables to roulette tables, from the art world to other-world, this neat little novel is a joy from start to finish.” Georgia Jacobs, editor, journalist, and American ex-pat living in Paris