Channeling Adult Creativity Through Coloring

Adult Coloring photo

Coloring books develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination in young children. A few years ago, this trend boomed, focusing on adults. In 2015, over 12 million adult coloring books sold, and the market became inundated. While you probably don’t see as many when shopping, they are still popular and have multiple benefits. Unlike kids learning to color between the lines, adults can improve their overall wellness. Statistics show women primarily under 30 use adult coloring books. However, every adult can benefit.

Here are some benefits of adult coloring books which may surprise you:

  1. Relieves Stress and Anxiety: Coloring helps you relax and not focus on internal struggles. Adult coloring books calm down the brain. As you color, you escape negative thoughts and emotions. Research shows that this form of “art therapy” also alleviates depression and stress.
  2. Creative Expression: If you aren’t artistic and can’t draw or paint, coloring books give you a creative outlet. You get to express yourself artistically and showcase your skills. Select whichever colors you want without boundaries and choose what to color. There are many adult coloring books tailored to particular interests. You can find ones with motivational or inspirational messages, flowers, and so forth.
  3. Offers a Childlike Escape: If coloring was enjoyable during your childhood, you’re able to channel the activity as an adult. Coloring books provide a fun, recreational activity and can become a hobby. You can kill time and produce a finished work that gives you self-satisfaction. Revisit your days of carefree youth and get lost in coloring.
  4. Shifts Attention and Focus: Coloring puts you in a “zone,” works the brain, and improves concentration. Adult coloring books improve self-discipline and attention to detail. You can also set electronic devices to the side and disconnect as you color. You’ll also see what patterns you prefer. Some people like broad geometric patterns, while others like more challenging illustrations.
  5. Improves Motor Skills: Often, adult coloring books have intricate designs to hone hand-eye coordination. You can sharpen your fine motor skills as you fill in the lines. Coloring also improves your vision and acuity as you focus and work on the illustrations. Grabbing different crayons, colored pencils, or markers also enhances dexterity.
  6. Body and Brain Benefits: Research validates that adults who color see health and wellness benefits. Adult coloring books offer a form of meditation and improve sleep. Not only do you develop mindfulness, but you get a chance for complete relaxation. Coloring provides a form of self-care and keeps you calm, which reduces health risks.

The Only Moment There Is focuses on understanding how the mind works. Dr. David J. French includes 40 illustrations in the book to help you escape. As he states, “remember, coloring isn’t just for kids.”  French, a psychologist, lists the benefits that coloring provides. He also includes “The Awareness Workbook” in Chapter 8 and activities to “color in a state of awareness.” Feel free to download a PDF of one of the adult coloring activities from the book at no charge.