Does a Real Manchurian Candidate Walk Among Us?

Manchurian candidate photo

What if you woke up one morning to find that all the flags that were flying in the countries of the entire free world were the same? Bestselling political and business author Michael Solomon may be turning the political world upside down with his new novel and timely masterpiece The Conversion Prophecy.

In his first novel, sure to be a blockbuster, Solomon takes the reader through a journey of how the entire balance of global economic power will change forever. Life on earth will take on a new meaning, as everything from energy to food supplies, transportation to communications, and everything else needed to sustain life will be controlled by one terrorist state and a zealot who has the ability to control it all. Peace, in the name of one religion, Islam, will threaten to dominate mankind.

What Solomon has developed is a new and different form of terrorism – one, which does not require the firing of a single shot or the shedding of one drop of blood. However, it could lead to new world order. This page-turner will have you wondering if a Manchurian Candidate does really exist. Solomon takes us from the halls of a Mosque in Indonesia to the highest plateau of the political arena in Washington, where a real-life plot has developed to take control of the entire economic balance of the global corporate world and destroy life as we know it. Can this plot be derailed before it begins?

Only one man with the help of a secret society, that makes the Illuminati look like child’s play, can stop it. But can he stop it in time? Although fiction the pages of this international political thriller will leave you wondering can this really happen – or has it already begun?

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