Homeschool Essentials

Homeschool essentials

Homeschooling children continues to rise due to the pandemic and parents’ dissatisfaction with the school systems. The 2020-2021 school year saw 3.7 million students or 6.7% of school-aged children participate in homeschool learning. This trend of homeschooling children does not look like it will be declining in the future. Experts predict the rate of homeschooling for the 2022 school year to go up by 4%. 

Whether you send your child to a homeschool setting or teach them in your household, having resources and knowledge sets the learning process up for success. Here are a few techniques to create the most efficient homeschool environment to help teach and develop your children. Homespun Curriculum provides invaluable resources to set parents and children up for success.

When setting up your homeschool environment, you need to set goals for yourself and your children. By planning out structured activities and developmental plans, learning will run more smoothly. You can divide the year into seasons and select what you wish to accomplish in the designated time frame. As you homeschool, schedule time to assess and observe your child’s development. You also get to choose which subjects you want to teach your children and when. Learn how to set up In Home Learning Centers in this post.

Breaking down the year into seasons gives you an overall view of the school year. You can then plan out homeschool lessons weekly and monthly. Use a calendar or planner to lay out a curriculum.

Assign particular subjects to specific days of the week. Include reading, math, science, social studies, art, music, and drama. Also, plan out proper nutrition and time for play. Assess your teaching plans the night before and be ready to adapt if you need to make last-minute changes. Part of the planning process includes your children getting a good night of sleep.

After deciding on the curriculum, make sure you have adequate supplies on hand. Keep all homeschool learning materials organized in clear storage containers or drawers. Any chance you have, collect and save items you can implement into lessons. Be sure to dispose of any old supplies so everything works while you are homeschooling. Keep your homeschool system neat and organized to make things less stressful for you and the children. 

Organization systems make it easy to identify the supplies and return them at the end of the day. You can see when materials begin to run low and get more to keep the flow of learning going. Homespun Curriculum has lists of supplies and even offers ideas on how to create homemade ones!

Use Creativity:
Finally, use creativity while planning out your children’s curriculum and seek new ideas. Children learn best with interactive learning, and you can design exciting teaching methods. Not only can your children have an enjoyable experience, but you can also! If you need inspiration, Pinterest offers great homeschool resources and ideas. You can look and find inspiration to plan nearly anything for your children’s homeschooling adventure. You will find YouTube videos, virtual field trips, and even how to create a learning space in your home. Also, libraries offer invaluable resources that do not cost money and help foster a love of reading. With a great deal of information, proper planning and organization will have your homeschool rule!