Just Released – Sliding the New Novel by Jane Foster

Sliding book cover photo

Sliding — All I Never Wanted to Be

The author brings alcoholism ‘out of the shadows’

Laugh and cry with Daphne and Maggie as they weather life’s changing seasons Sliding to, through, and finally into the life of their dreams. Sliding, the much-anticipated sequel to Jane Foster’s first book, is a touching and funny novel set in New York and Chicago in the mid-1980s. A journey through marriage, children, divorce, wealth, alcoholism, friendship, truth, and love.

Foster’s vibrant imagery draws you into the sights and sounds, scents, and tastes found in two of the most exciting cities in the world. Whether you are already present for someone going through difficult times or simply want inspiration, you’ll be carried right along as Foster treats these events with wit and wisdom to produce an entertaining yet cautionary tale.

Crisp and authentic, Sliding is not another dark story about alcoholism. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable read offering hope in the place of despair. A perfect choice for book clubs everywhere. Praise about Jane Foster’s new novel has been flowing in.

About the Author:

Just prior to Jane Foster’s birth, her alcoholic mother had too many martinis, and the doctors could not safely administer anesthesia. She was born drunk. The seed that was planted in the cradle bloomed into full-blown alcoholism before Foster got sober in 1993. She not only overcame her addiction but faced many painful experiences that inform her novels to this day.

For nearly two decades, Foster has served on the board of the Hanley Center, an alcoholism and substance abuse treatment center. By sharing her experience, strength, and hope as a speaker and author, she has become an inspirational figure to many inside and outside the recovery community. Foster currently divides her time between Florida and France.

Sliding is published by Green Dragon Books. Available in paperback., ISBN 9781623860172, 6 x 9, 180 pages. Pub date October 2015.