Rave Review for Michael Solomon’s New Political Thriller

Conversion Prophecy photo

Bookplex, October 2015

Imagine the world, where everything from energy and communication to food and water supplies is controlled by one state. Where this state took control over the economy and dictates its own rules and orders. Where globalization doesn’t mean peace and prosperity, but, in fact, causes even more terror, trouble, and war. Where one religion took over, and the country that rules the world is an Islamic terrorist state.

The first novel by Michael Solomon, The Conversion Prophecy, strikes us with a bright and contemporary version of dystopia, which, perhaps, has never been as actual as it is now. The pictures it paints are truly thrilling, believable, and horrifying as we know, nothing hurts more than truth, and a true horror begins where the fantasy ends. The book is amazingly engaging, and at a certain point, it is hard to say whether it is about a dystopian version of the world we actually live in or foreseeing the world we might live in soon.

What if Islam takes over the world? Can it happen? Is it already happening? Regardless, the world in trouble needs a hero. Our hero, an exceptional man, who is dabbling with secret societies and claiming to stop the inevitable, brings a new spark into our worldview and makes us take a look from another perspective.

Michael Solomon’s political thriller not only presumes one of the bravest and ambiguous what-ifs nowadays but also gladdens a sophisticated reader with its well-thought and believable plot, developed characters, researched historical and political basis, and decent, intriguing writing style. All of those make Michael Solomon’s best-seller a great food for thought for those who are interested or concerned about politics and our brave new world’s future.

The Conversion Prophecy by Michael Solomon is available at bookstores everywhere!