Small Steps to be Kinder to Mother Earth

Preserve the Planet photo

Who doesn’t want to make the world a better place? We will show you some practices to protect the planet and pinch a penny while doing it.

Recycle Everything You Can

Most towns or cities have recycling programs and maybe even an ordinance. You can typically recycle plastic, glass, bottles, paper, and cardboard. These small steps alone make you more environmentally responsible. Active recycling reduces your carbon footprint, money spent on garbage bags and waste. Some towns offer non-corrugated recycling where you can put it all together. Some recycling centers pay for aluminum cans if you want to earn a few bucks. If your city does not pick up recycling, go the extra mile and take it to a center. You can even have recreational fun using the creative activities in the recycling book, Bottle Cap Activities.

Check for local recycling or pickup events for electronics and large appliances. Sometimes, you can recycle these items for free or pay a small fee. Also, be sure to compost or recycle yard waste, including real Christmas trees. Contact an eco-friendly haul away service if your municipality does not have programs. Learn the benefits of Living with Less.

Conserve Water

 If you pay for water or have a well, you likely try to conserve water actively. Taking shorter showers or skipping one helps save water. Or just freshen up by taking a “birdbath.” A few splashes, dry shampoo, and deodorant will spruce you up. As long as you don’t stink, you are good to go. You will conserve water and finances if you have a water bill. If you have a well, you prevent it from drying out.

Also, if you have the luxury of living alone, there are other opportunities. In some circumstances, you can hold back flushing the toilet every time. I know it sounds uncouth, but sometimes saving money really can help the environment. I look at it as a win-win. Also, doing laundry by adjusting the temperature and load size on the washer or filling it full conserves water over time. Do the same with a dishwasher; load it fully. If not, buy plasticware and paper plates, then recycle them not to do dishes.

Reusable Items

Buy reusable bottles for beverages and metal straws to make a small but positive impact. These items come with special sponges to effectively wash them and extend their lifespan. Instead of cleaning with paper towels, use microfiber cloths or recycle old rags for cleaning tasks. Also, reusable shopping bags have durability, hold more, and come in cute patterns. Look around your home or apartment and see what disposable items you can replace. In the long run, having non-disposable things saves money and mother earth!

Donate or Sell

 The saying, “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure,” rings true! Any items lying around the house, like old clothes, you can donate to a charity or sell online. You can make money from selling items and get a tax deduction from donating (save your receipts!) You will learn fast that people will buy anything. Try volunteering at local clean-up events. Sometimes, groups organize trash pickups alongside the road or in a neighborhood park. Chip in and help make a difference in your community and meet new people.

Another tidbit includes saving electricity. Small steps include unplugging chargers, not in use, and turning off lights when you leave a room. Adjust the thermostat to save energy and money. Purchasing energy-efficient appliances and items in eco-friendly packages will also make a difference. You can also look for and use sustainable shipping practices, which help air quality. Also, if you have a vehicle, you can carpool, take public transportation, or get exercise.

Making a conscious effort to be environmentally responsible comes easy. You can preserve nature and your wallet. What do you have to lose?