The Art of Patience

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Some say you grow more patient as you get older, and others say you lose patience as you age. I witness many people get mildly irritated with others in certain situations. I will admit, I hate waiting in lines at stores. Nothing drives me more nuts than being behind someone digging for change or writing a check. My agitation heightens when they look back and see the line. Their lack of preparation can derail my day because I let their actions affect me. Traffic also presents a typical situation where many people’s patience wears thin.

Geography and culture most certainly contribute to impatience. The phrase “in a New York minute” says it all. The pace of life drastically differs from the west coast and other regions of the country. Anyone can master the art of patience, but achieving it takes work. When searching “how to become more patient,” multiple tips from publications appear. Lists recommend breathing and stress reduction techniques, like meditation, along with proper nutrition and sleep.

Dr. John M. Porter devotes an entire chapter to patience in his book, The Tao of Star Wars. Online searches give standard practices, like yoga, to teach yourself patience. Dr. Porter goes beyond a basic checklist and provides more profound insight. He shows that patience stems from acceptance. Attaining true patience begins within yourself and then helps you maneuver through the situations you face in life.

“Going with the flow” is a key tenet of Taoism. However, you can not just wait for change as The Tao of Star Wars shows. You need to work towards your goals actively. Patience is a skill that takes time and needs to be learned. The more patience you acquire, the more you learn and then begin to master other skills. To succeed in life, possessing the art of patience is a prerequisite.

You can have the talent, best mentors, and teachers, but you must exert effort and be patient to succeed. When you have perseverance, strength, and commitment, you can accomplish whatever you set out to do. Patience requires determination, persistence, and of course, patience. Anything worthwhile in life takes time, and patience and motivation work in unison to deliver such results.

When you set out on a path, you need to finish what you start, which requires self-discipline. Believe it or not, as you grow more patient in life, your awareness leads to proper actions. When you have complete self-awareness, you will know when you encounter ideal conditions. You will take action and rise to the occasion because circumstances become apparent to you.

The best advice we can give to become more patient is to stay mentally balanced. Even in the most challenging and stressful situations, remain calm. Mastering balance is truly an art, but amid chaos and stress, staying centered is critical. When you remain poised and grounded, you continue to build inner harmony. As you grow more cognizant, you develop better coping mechanisms and will see a change in your life. Remember, to actively practice patience; you need to be aware of yourself, others, and your environment.